1. Is called host or supplier: WZU Hosting
  2. The Internet is a collection of interconnected networks located around the world.
  3. The client is the physical or legal person who signed the online registration.
  4. The Internet is a collection of interconnected networks located around the world.
  5. The client is the physical or legal person who signed the online registration.
  6. Is called identifier a username & password allowing the client to identify himself to his account.
  7. The web space is a storage space allocated by WZU Hosting to the client.
  8. All internet user rules are commonly called netiquette, including:
  9. - Respect for copyright.
    - Respect RFC1855
    - To not send spam.


  1. The purpose of the Terms of Service is to define the methods by which WZU Hosting makes available to the client its web hosting offers available on https://wzuhosting.com. Any request for one or more WZU Hosting services via this website implies immediate acceptance of the Terms of Service. WZU Hosting reserves the right at any time and without notice to suspend the customer's account following a breach of the Terms of Service.
  2. Access to services being free, it is subject to an evaluation of your project.
  3. This assessment is completely irrevocable.


  1. The identifier: Following registration, the customer receives an identifier at the email address submitted during registration. This identifier is used to manage and administer the WZU Hosting products requested by the customer.
  2. Web space: WZU Hosting offers the client, on its server, an associated web space. The content thereof must comply with the laws and regulations of Canada as well as the country of origin of the client. It is strictly prohibited to publish any form of content associated directly or indirectly with:
  3. - Pornography and eroticism in all its forms. - Pedophilia
    - Homophobia
    - Racism
    - Xenophobia
    - Illegal activities
    - Gambling
    - Illegal or cracked Programs.
    - In MP3 and derivative formats subject to copyright.
  4. The content of your website must be in English or French.
  5. WZU Hosting reserves the right, without notice, to suspend access to any content it deems or considers to be non-compliant with netiquette, Canadian or international laws.
  6. WZU Hosting is committed to protecting your privacy and your personal data. Your data will not be accessible to any external tier and we only keep what is legally expected for a web host in Canada.
  7. E-mail: WZU Hosting provides customers with their domain name with e-mail addresses, redirects and aliases according to the plan agreed. The customer can choose his addresses as far as they are available. WZU Hosting reserves the right, without notice, to delete or restrict one or all of the e-mail addresses, redirects or aliases if it considers that the customer is using it improperly or does not respect the netiquette.


  1. The information: The customer undertakes to provide fair and authentic information when registering. He undertakes to notify WZU Hosting of any change concerning the initial data and would be solely responsible for any malfunctions which could result from incorrect information. The customer must maintain a valid e-mail address and undertakes not to break into or attempt to break into the WZU Hosting computer system illegally.
  2. PHP-FPM/CGI and MySQL: The client is warned that the incorrect use (or based on incorrect programming) of MySQL, PHP-FPM or CGI may be such as to render the operation of the site on a server incompatible, and expose the site concerned to suspension without notice in order to guarantee an acceptable quality of service to all customers hosted by WZU Hosting.


  1. Content: The customer benefits from protection against viruses and spam which can lead to the deletion or modification of emails. This protection is absolutely not guaranteed and the customer must ensure by his own means any additional solutions. In no case WZU Hosting can not be held responsible following an action or a recourse of third parties, in particular for: information, sounds, images, texts and all multimedia documents contrary to the laws and regulations in force, contents and / or disseminated on its web space by the client, for the violation of intellectual property rights relating to the works contained or disseminated, in whole or in part on the client's web space.
  2. Accessibility: Due to the characteristics and limits of the Internet, which the customer declares to be aware of, WZU Hosting can in no way be held responsible for access speeds from other sites, worldwide or for slowdowns, difficulties in accessing the customer's website. WZU Hosting cannot be held responsible for the non-routing of e-mails and articles of the discussion forum, due to the same limitations and characteristics of the Internet. WZU Hosting reserves the right to temporarily interrupt access to its services for reasons of maintenance and / or improvement without right to compensation. However, WZU Hosting undertakes to use all the means at its disposal to minimize this type of interruption.
  3. Security: WZU Hosting cannot be held responsible in the event of malicious seizure on the customer's web space or hacking of the customer's email addresses, despite all the security measures taken by WZU Hosting.
  4. Disclaimer of warranties: WZU Hosting service is provided subject to availability. WZU Hosting expressly disclaims any other warranty, including any market value or physical warranty for a particular purpose. WZU Hosting will under no circumstances be liable for consequential, indirect, special or accidental damage. Even if WZU Hosting has been informed by the customer of the possibility of such potential loss or damage. If the service of WZU Hosting to the customer has been interrupted or malfunctioning for any reason, WZU Hosting is not responsible for the loss due to an interruption of service.
  5. Force majeure: WZU Hosting cannot be held responsible for any delay or non-performance, when the cause of the delay or non-performance is due to the occurrence of a case of force majeure generally recognized by case law. The case of force majeure suspends the obligations arising from the Terms of Service for the entire duration of its existence. However if the case of force majeure had a duration of existence greater than 30 consecutive days, it would open the right to the automatic termination of the Terms of Service by one or the other of the parties eight days after the notice email has been sent.
  6. Indemnity: The customer undertakes to defend, guarantee and hold WZU Hosting innocent against any loss, damage or claim (including honorary money) linked to the use of this service provided by the supplier to the customer under this agreement, including but not limit yourself to it: misleading advertising, responsibility claimed for the product or service sold by the customer, "copyright " or registered trademark, interruption or malfunction of the service or for any content submitted by the customer.


  1. In the event of an excessive number of visits, WZU Hosting reserves the right to close the site at any time without notice.
  2. In the event of excessive consumption of CPU or RAM, WZU Hosting asks the customer to modify the site so that it consumes less resources so as not to disturb the proper functioning of the server and reserves the right to suspend the site at any time without notice.
  3. In the event of excessively high traffic, WZU Hosting reserves the right to suspend the site.
  4. Persistent and abusive connections to different services are prohibited.
  5. In the event of closure or suspension, your data is kept for 15 days, you can recover it on request. (support@wzuhosting.com)


  1. These Terms of Service are available on the WZU Hosting website in order to allow the customer to consult the Terms of Service at any time. The parties have agreed that WZU Hosting may automatically modify its services and / or the Terms of Service, taking into consideration in particular the technical development of the service. In this case, WZU Hosting will inform the customer by e-mail of the modification. The latter will then have 30 days from the date of receipt of the information to denounce the new Terms of Service. After this period, the new Terms of Service will be considered accepted.
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